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译注:《Death's Door》是Bobby死去那集的剧集标题。抱歉忘了存原po地址。

TV Guide杂志:你在片场最后一天的回忆是怎样的?

Jim Beaver:剧组召开了一个安全会议,每一季我们都会开个一两次的那种。整个演员班底,还有从高层到司机、产品助理的整个剧组都在。看到Jared和Jensen也在,我就知道有什么事要发生了——他们从不会比我还早出席。他们没有播那种安全视频,而是一个展现我在剧里做过的一切的致敬视频。那太感人了,我可能眼睛里进了些东西。

TV Guide杂志:Jared和Jensen有何表示?

Jim Beaver:他们俩太赞了。他们下班以后一直留到了这时候。我太爱他们了。考虑到我们之间有些年龄差,我没料到我们会有这样的亲近,但我对他们、对能有机会和他们一同工作七季,感到如此之好。他们俩一直对我极度和善,即使我有时并不值得他们那样。他们也是非常厉害的演员。


TV Guide Magazine: What are your memories of your last day on set?

Jim Beaver: The show called a safety meeting, which they do once or twice a season. The entire cast and crew from the top down to the drivers and production assistants are there. I knew something was up when Jared and Jensen were there — they're never already there before me. Instead of playing this safety video, they played a video tribute to everything I'd done on the show. It was very touching. I might have gotten something in my eye.

TV Guide Magazine: How were Jared and Jensen?

Jim Beaver: They were terrific. They stayed around after they were off work for this. I'm crazy about them. Considering there's a little bit of an age difference between us, I didn't expect such a connection, but I feel so terribly good about them and about having the chance to work with them these seven seasons. They've been extraordinarily gracious to me even when I didn't necessarily deserve it. They're terrific actors too.

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